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Join us and play Netball again

The Back to Netball program is aimed at women, aged 17 years and older, who have stopped playing netball for a variety of reasons. These can include a lack of time due to commitments such as study, family or work life, or lack of opportunity outside the club environment to play netball after having left school. Back to Netball is a great way of keeping fit and with netball being a team game, there is always a real social element to the sessions.


Back to Netball is an initiative of the Singapore Netball Club (SGNC) and players who are skilled enough and want to play more advanced/ competitive Netball will be able to join SGNC (until age 35) or NETforMUMS (from age 35). Coaches will advice you if you are ready to join the club.

If your age is below 17 we recommend to join the Singapore Netball Academy

If your age is between 17-35 and your are a more advanced player we recommend to join the Singapore Netball Club

If your age is above 35 and your are a more advanced player we recommend to join NETforMUMS

If the Monday evening does not work for you, you might want top join Social Netball on Sunday afternoon at OCBC Arena

We train & play games on Monday evening


Training details:

  • Period: 40 weeks per year divided in 4 terms of 10 weeks (January - November)

  • Training day: Monday evening

  • Time: 8pm-10pm

  • Venue: Kallang Netball Center

  • Attire: Anything you feel comfortable

  • Trial: you can come for trial 1 session to see if you like to play Netball again.

  • Games & carnivals: if there is enough interest, we will join carnivals, leagues and organize games.


The fees for adult players for one year are $350 for non-students and $175 for students. if you join after 1 July 2024 the cost for the second half year is $175 for non-students, $85 for students.


If you are not able to join for one year the fees are:

  • 1 Term $170 (10 sessions)

  • 2 Terms $280 (20 sessions)

  • 3 Terms $330 (30 sessions)

The count of 10/20/30 sessions starts on the start date provided at registration and finishes after 10 sessions if you have joined all the sessions or not. For cancelled sessions due to inclement weather or sudden venue unavailability there will be no replacement sessions. In case replacement sessions are organized and you are not able to join, there will be no other replacement sessions organized.


Back2Netball is a club with fixed fees as per above. If you want a more flexible fee structure we recommend you to join NET4MUMS or Social Netball

​​​​Trial classes

We do provide trial classes. You can try out if you like our Back2Netball netball sessions one time. Please sign up and we will send you detailed information about your trial session. The trial session will be one of the normal program sessions of your choice, for you to understand how the Back2Netball program is conducted. The trial lesson is $20. You have to sign up as coaches need to know who is coming and we do not facilitate random players coming in for one session only.

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